­čžáLet's talk about Neuromarketing

All of your human feelings, are the products of neural activity of your brain. Very powerful idea, by Nobel Laureate Francis Crick. This approach on how our behavior is dictated in our mind opens a whole new world to marketing. Subliminally we have been experimenting with how your client perceives your business, and product; we call is User Experience (UX).

The idea of Neuromarketing is fairly new, but we have been using it ever since we started trading. Just by slightly modifying the environment where you present the product, you are influencing the perception of  your customer. Music, lightning, ambience, and customer service are among the top factors businesses make good use of in order to make an impact on their customer.

The example I like to use to explain UX is coffee. It has literally thousands of ways to be consumed and its history is so broad that it touches everyone's timeline directly. It is a checkpoint when it comes to a morning routine, and our behavior changes as soon as we THINK of getting a cup of joe.

Personalization plays a big role on your coffee, after all, it is yours. Dark, with milk, cream, no sugar, and flavored syrups (eww), you purchase your coffee, and make it yours by customizing it.

The UX did not start when you bought it, it began the moment you saw that billboard, or ad in your social media timeline (the one with fresh grounded coffee grains, pastel and earthy colors and rustic-ish environment), you decided to take on that offer and walked in the store and hear the grinder crushing fresh coffee grains into the bitter powder that will brew your coffee. You smell the coffee's peculiar bitter aroma and see the store's lounge ambience.

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You can customize every single detail of your business, and the experience that you offer your customer will be an added benefit of your product. It is all about the experience.

Drop me a line, or two, if you need any help building the perfect experience for your business. OneRevamp is here to help.

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