🎙️ Going back to radio...ish (Social media)

There are social media channels for every group, covering every possible niche, and welcoming new people, constantly.

We have Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other ones that are worth mentioning, but for the sake of my keyboard, and your eyeballs, I will keep it short. Each platform offers a different way to connect, snippets of text, pictures, videos, and now: voice.

One would think it should've been the other way around. In the good ol'days we had people yelling what was going on, then the newspaper, then the radio, and THEN the TV. This is not the case online, because: HELLO!, the internet.

Clubhouse launched back in 2020, and dominated the audio networking space. Due to its exclusivity, people built anticipation, and fuzz. Shortly after, other social media platforms also wanted to get into what is hip. Just like you, when you use a trendy hashtag with your content. Why? because of traffic, traffic, translates to power when it comes to these giants. Now, we have a lot of platforms offering pretty much the same, a podcast room with a lot of people.
Speaking of podcasts, Spotify also launched Greenroom, a pretty good alternative to Clubhouse if you don't have an invite.

That is good...and bad

The great news, is that competition always bring innovation, and we all love new features.

The not-so-good, is that audiences split, and cannot invest their time in all platforms, so we have to do a little homework and find them. That is marketing, and the search will only end once you retire.

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