Why you should care about Shopper Insights

The short answer is: because they buy your product. But, if you want me to expand on that, well...

Shopper Insight, in marketing, is research focused on the experience of the consumer and behavioral actions in-store and on your website. (What customers think and do at your place)

When starting your own shopper insight mission, two things are certain:

  1. No two customers think alike, so you will generalize
  2. It is unpredictable, highly based on trends, and situational.
Due to the humongous impact of the virus on businesses worldwide, audiences no longer think the same way. With social distance and extra health precautions, people are now more careful than ever (with good reason). In order for you to understand their point of view, you are going to need to put yourself in their shoes. Understanding how your client perceives your brand is the very first step to learning to read behavior when it comes to shopping.

Online-wise, everything is done by your own website, if setup correctly, your website and all of its pages should me measuring activity, you can see this data on third party websites, like Google Analytics.
In-store gets a little trickier, you need to rely on your staff in order to get your data. Campaigns like "leave your feedback", and "let us know how we did" are great way to start learning, but you will eventually have to incentivize the customer for a more detailed answer. It is  a win-win situation, because the client gets a reward, and you attain great information that you can measure and compare, and evolve the parts of your business that need work.
The more data you get, the better decisions you can make. 
Do you need help getting this information?
I can help you. Drop me a line, or two and let's talk about how we can work together to grow your business.

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