👋 Welcome to Clubhouse



The hype is real. The app that made its debut back in March 2020, and raising a valuation of nearly $1 billion within a year, is a truly Unicorn.

The platform started growing the very first day it launched, and it hasn't stop ever since. The app itself, is complex, but they excel at one of the most important points when it comes to usability: User Experience.

👉How do you get in Clubhouse?

You can reserve your username today, but in order to actually login and start engaging inside the platform, you need to get an invitation form a member.
This "exclusivity" actually did wonders for the app. Influencers, celebrities, and big names everywhere were invited to the platform and started networking and promoting it right away. Using the Clubhouse like a VIP social media. This creates anticipation, and audiences thrive on that.

👉Why join Clubhouse?

I would say "if you are a business owner", or "marketing experts", but the beauty of this App is that there is no specific niche. The userbase is growing by invitation-only everyday. It ranges from humongous celebrity names, like Oprah Winfred, Elon Musk, and Gary Vaynerchuck, to marketing experts. You can join public Clubhouses and be hear by basically anyone. No discrimination, clean conversations, no hate. Connect with people, share your ideas, promote your business and what you do, and maybe get leads, or new customers.

If you are already on the platform, I'm here. Let's connect!

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