NFTs [explained]

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token.

That... doesn't make it easier to understand what it means.

Fungible: a crypto currency is fungible. You can trade one coin for another one and will end up with the exact same thing.

Then, Non-Fungible, by the law of life, means that it is unique and cannot be replaced by anything else.
The token can be anything digital, even a screenshot of a video you are watching.

How is this exciting?

Well let me just show you one token that has been sold for quite a humongous amount of money.

This is Beeple's CROSSROAD

This NFt is a looping 10-seconds video, the last owner paid more than 6.5 million dollars for the digital piece.

That is $6,600,000.00

People can still place global offers and try to buy it from the current owner, it is up to her to decide whether she want to sell it or not. 


Well, why not? Think of NFT as the new trading cards. The people that love to collect them would love to have unique versions of the tokens. Of course, you can make copies, and even store the copies of the NFT in your phone or computer, but the digital signed original will always stay in the Blockchain, listed with its rightful owner.

You can create your own piece of digital art and put it up for sale in one of the many marketplaces our there. Note that, due to the increasing popularity of this new-ish way of selling art, a lot of these markets are a bit saturated and you will have to do a little marketing in order to get to those collectors.

Get to it!

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