How to rank higher in Google (2021)

Higher ranking on Google is the endgame of all websites. That is where you will get the majority of the traffic, and you will be in a better position compared to your competitors.

Google is constantly evolving its core, and making the search experience better for the user, they announced big upcoming changes regarding UX and ranking. But the main factors that they made public are always the same. 

Here are some points to keep in mind when writing for your website.

Use longer content. (coherent content)

Why? well, Google reads your content and it places it on the search results depending on your relatability of your website and the user search query. The longer the content, the more related Keywords your web has.

LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are words and phrases related to the main keyword. A good example would be the Keyword: Burger, and the LSI: Burger recipe, Burgers Near me, Restaurants, Fast Food, Foodies, etc.
You can find really good LSI Keywords by searching your own keyword on Google, and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the list, and there Google itself shows you related LSI.

External Links

By using good authority website links on your website, You let Google know that you are reliable sources to back up your content.

Optimized Short Title

Use your main Keyword in the beginning of your titles, and use numbers when possible (ie: 9 tips to grow your business)

Site Speed

This one is one (if not the) most important one. Google has its own site speed measure system to help you out. A faster loading website in always prone to rank higher.

Use mixed media

The goal here is to reduce bounce rate (people getting out of your website fast). By adding mixed media, like videos, or graphs, you make your website more engaging and people tend to pay more attention to that compared to pure text. Lower Bounce Rate is rewarding when it comes to ranking.

Short URLs

This one is a bit more technical, but long story short: According to a study by Backlinko, Short URLs tend to rank higher 

If you made all the way to here, it means that you read the entire article. Because of that, you have helped me rank my own website better and I'm very grateful for that.
Let us know if you need help reviewing your website so we can schedule a zoom or a call and do it together.
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