Your logo, many sizes.

The logotype of your brand is the online signature of your business. There are infinite types of logo: we have classic ones, modern, futuristic, minimalistic, and many more styles, including the my-grandson-made-it (with crayons). Despite what any designer tells you, there is no wrong logo, but that is for another post. Today we will cover the use of your brand's elements online and in physical locations too.

Let's jump right into an example. This website is responsive, it means that it rearranges its content depending on the device you are visiting from so it maximizes visibility and makes the navigation easier. Your logo should be responsive as well. Sometimes, your business will be sponsored on a website, or maybe you will buy placement on a magazine or an ad, and you will be given specific sizes to provide artwork. If the space is square and your logo is only vertical, you will loose valuable space that you could have used to make your image pop.

This is where Isotypes come into play. This is the symbolic part of your logo that represents your brand without any word. A great example would be Nike. Their logo is the word Nike with their famous "pipe", but for placement purposes, sometimes they would use just the pipe without any wording.

Keep in mind, is that Nike has grown very fond of that pipe and now they use it everywhere, even if the complete logo could fit. Note that this is a worldwide known brand, and the pipe is very famous.

Good places to have an Iso:

  • Avatar and Profile Pictures in Social Media (the name of your business is next to it anyways)
  • Email signatures
  • In-store, for aesthetic purposes and to let your clients know that is your Iso.
  • Uniforms
  • Any document where you struggle with space and the name of your business is stated clearly.

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