Scheduling posts in Facebook and Instagram


Social Media is constantly evolving Part of this process is just like in nature: survival of the fittest, or in this case: the wealthiest.

Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012 for about 1 Billion dollars.

These two platforms have been dominating the app market forever. There is of course, Tiktok, Twitter still around, and many other apps will come and go, but for now, IG and FB are the ones that you can get the most return for your time invested. You can also "link" profiles between the apps and share posts on both platforms. This is great stuff for when it comes to marketing and saving time. You post once, get double exposure.

Facebook took it a step further

Creator Studio was created in an effort to stop third party companies charging you to schedule posts. The website has the capabilities to let you login with both social media platforms, link both profiles, see very important analytics about your posts, and also lets you schedule posts for the coming days.

The best part of Creator Studio is the ability to create posts straight from your desktop. You just select the profile (you can manage as many pages as you want in here) and upload the media that you want to share. Add a very good description, throw in some good hashtags, insert location maybe and BOOM! You can now post instantly on both systems, or schedule the post to go out whenever you want to. You can schedule unlimited posts for as many pages as you want. That way you can create content for weeks and forget about it (don't forget about it! stay put for the comments, you know....the social for social media) and focus on other aspects of your growing business.

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