A vague guide on how to become an influencer.

ok, you want to become an influencer? Piece of cake.

The idea is pretty much this:

    • Step one: Turn all of your social profiles to public.
    • Step two: Get famous
    • Step three: Profit!

I did warn you on the title, I’m not going to go into detail simply because I’m not an influencer myself, in fact, I’m far from becoming one. The road to achieving online fame is pretty bumpy, crowded, filled with false shortcuts and uphill…all the time 😪

If you are still up to the challenge I applaud you and deep inside I’m cheering for you. Truth be told, we need you. Marketing is constantly evolving and long gone are the times where you could just buy ad-space on a newspaper or a flyer and see the ROI. You have become a living advertising piece of a human being and we want to use you, at least until someone else has more real followers.

Here is more or less what you must do in order to achieve online fame.

Before you start: find out who your audience is going to be.

Your followers, fans or people that are going to be creeping o you, we are going to call them your niche. Your entire strategy is based on this decision. Are they interested in learning about cars? perhaps they like make-up tutorials. Their interest should be the sole reason for your online presence.

Did you get that? cool, where are you going to be posting?

There are literally thousands of online communities but you will most likely go with Facebook or Instagram to start. Audiences there are behave very similarly yet are very different. You must learn how to approach them and how. Which brings us to the next point:

How often are you going to post?

Curating content is one thing, but making it is a whole different story. Once you are good to start, you must create new and creative content on a daily basis. continuity and perseverance are what separates influencers in the work from people trying to snag free stuff from brands. Make a schedule that works with the platform you are going to be using and measure the post reach, comments, and activity.

Good content

Remember that every single post you add to your profile/s is going to be seen by most of the followers you have and potentially will be the way new people find you. Be creative, original and always be approachable. Bad content is always remembered online and will set you back.

Collaborate with influencers and brands

Your priority will be always to get your name out there. In order to grow a following, you are going to find it easier to promote yourself to an already existing group, like a bunch of people following another influencer or a brand. It would be very wise for you to guest post on their account so their audience will see your content. It is a very common technique that youngsters use nowadays.

Talk to your audience.

A very common, and douchey, mistake you could easily make is to stop talking with your audience. If you want to become a successful influencer you are going to have to be social in social media, crazy ah?

People like to relate to this online celebrities and often aspire to become one. The comment system on any social media is a very essential tool you are going to be using to talk to them. Answer questions and sometimes learn from your audience.

Just keep posting…

Consistency is key when it comes to remaining “lit”. Be active and keep on posting. Measure every factor, like time of post, the number of likes, what people say on the comments, learn from it and evolve your plan to make it more efficient. Make a schedule that works and stick with it.

Once you nail the prior posts you should be on your way to becoming the next online sensation.

Are you going to make it? probably not. But have fun while at it and make some money.

Keep on being active on the channels you choose and as you grow you might want to expand your reach by sharing content on other platforms.

Think of this as another job, because it is. It will eventually become a trade or goods, or money for services, your services. Just like any other job it requires you to be responsible, reliable and on time.

Oh, very important: this will not help you at all if you are bland and boring unless you are an egg

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