5 reasons why you might need a website revamp.

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The magic of the internet has given us amazing things, addictive platforms, and humongous advances in how we promote our business online. It also changed the way audiences surf the net. Instant gratification is now over the roof, and if someone visiting your website can't find what they are looking for, or takes too long, they will go away, or worse, leave you a bad review.

Your website is not giving you results*

Every single page on your website has to be functional, it needs a call to action and it needs to fulfill a purpose (that being to inform, to collect data, to entertain, or to sell).

Your website is not responsive

This is a big one. more than half of the worldwide traffic online comes from a mobile device. This means that probably half of your potential clients are looking at your website on their phones. If your website does not rearrange its components to fit the display, then the users will struggle to find what they want.

Ugly website + Struggling customer = 💩

Your direct competitors have a better one

Your website is very much like your business front door banner. If your competitors have a better looking one, people that do not know your product will go there first.
Not only for aesthetics, but functionality too. If your potential customer struggles to find something on your website, they will navigate away.

Outdated/ doesn't work

The internet is constantly evolving, new systems coming up almost daily. With every change, comes modifications, and sometimes these changes can be crucial for some components on your website. Contact forms, image galleries, shopping carts, every part of your website is ran by a either a plugin or a complex snippet.

How are you ranking?
1 out of 5, only 2,  maybe al 5!?
If you believe (know) that is time to change that website, give it a fresh new look, optimize it and be the envy of your City, then let's get started. Book your free consultation and we will go over everything we can to to launch your new portal as soon as possible.

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